Save with an HSA


Maximize Tax Savings
Your tax-deferred HSA contributions are tax-free when used for qualified healthcare expenses. A lower tax bill means more money in your pocket for your medical needs.

Tax-deferred contributions become tax free when used for qualified health expenses.  Contributions reduce annual taxable income, lowering your Federal Income and FICA taxes, and most State income taxes. Higher deductibles mean lower premiums, so you can save on premium costs as well as on taxes.

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HSAToday is the most comprehensive solution available for people with high deductible health plans, bringing together banking services, health plan support, retirement planning, and wellness.

HSAToday is a savings account that offers a very competitive interest rate on your monthly balance. Your contributions are still available for use, unlike with other investment accounts. Learn more about our flag ship custodian, National Advisors Trust Company.

HSAToday offers an integrated investment platform that assists you in deciding how much of your balance stays in savings and how much is invested. Our evaluation tools help you determine your risk tolerance so you can choose the investment model that best meets your needs.

Transfer your account balance from your existing HSA or medical savings acccount (MSA) to HSAToday.

Use a one-time IRA transfer to boost your savings.

Contact your employer to find out how to open an HSAToday account.

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Manage Health Expenses
Make payments with the MySourceCard™ debit card and keep track of claims receipts with our patented ClaimsVault® technology.

Make easy payments with your account-linked debit card and access your records in our patented, secure online ClaimsVault.

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Use your HSA funds for qualified medical expenses like doctor visits, hospital stays, medical tests, prescriptions, nursing care, etc. With the exception of cosmetic procedures and over-the-counter drugs and medications, most healthcare expenses are covered.

Use the convenient mySourceCard debit card to pay for your qualified medical expenses at doctors offices, pharmacies, hospitals, and clinics. Get reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses from your HSA account through direct deposit or paper check.

Keep track of your receipts and explanation of benefits (EOB) in our patented, secure ClaimsVault. Access these records 24/7 and use them to file for reimbursements or during tax season.

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Online Investing Made Easy
Make investments to help your account grow.

Assess your needs and choose an investment portfolio to help your HSA dollars grow.

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Once your account reaches $1,000, you can begin investing that money to make your dollars grow quickly. HSAToday offers the lowest minimum investment threshold, as most plans require a $2,500 balance before account holders can invest.

What kind of investor are you? Once you register for HSAToday, you can use our self-assessment tool to help decide which investment options best suits your needs.

Choose between four carefully selected investment portfolios, or create a custom portfolio of your own from our menu of mutual funds.

A. Conservative growth model

For the Investor who seeks to allocate a large percentage of their portfolio to lower-risk securities such as fixed-income securities.  The main goal of a conservative portfolio is to protect the principal value of your portfolio. That is why these models are often called “capital preservation portfolios.”  Even if you are very conservative and are tempted to avoid the stock market entirely, some risk exposure in selected funds can help offset inflation.  Suggested time horizon for this risk allocation is at least 5 years.

B. Moderately conservative growth model
For the Investor who seeks to preserve most of the portfolio’s total value but is willing to take on some risk for inflation protection. A common strategy within this risk level is called “current income.”  This includes securities that pay a higher level of dividends.  The suggested investor’s time horizon least 5 to 8 years. 

C. Balanced growth model
For the Investor who seeks a balance between preservation of account value and portfolio risk.  The goal is a near even split between low risk fix-income securities and higher-risk growth securities.  This strategy also includes securities that pay a higher level of dividends.  The Investor’s time horizon for investing should be medium term or greater than 8 years.

D. Moderately agressive growth model
For the Investor who has a longer-term strategy (greater than 10 years) and willing to take a medium to higher level of risk to achieve portfolio growth, while still diversifying the portfolio by including fixed-income securities.  The strategy is often called “capital growth” strategy.  To provide diversification, the portfolio includes fix-income securities.

E. Aggressive growth model
For the investor with a long-term investment strategy (greater than 12 to 15 years) and willing to accept their portfolio value can fluctuates widely from day-to-day.  Your main goal is to achieve long-term growth of capital. The strategy of an aggressive portfolio is considered a “capital growth” strategy. To provide diversification, investors with aggressive portfolios usually add some fixed-income securities.

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Manage Your Health
Your Health Savings Account is all about helping you manage the resources required to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Health Savings Accounts are the ultimate consumer driven healthcare solution. Account holders have more control over their health dollars and have access to tools that help them better understand and manage their health. HSAToday™ partners with Zendy Health and WiserHealth® to help our account holders get more from their HSA. Learn more about this partnership.

ZendyHealth is a cost savings tool that enables HSAToday account holders to access affordable, low-risk health and dental services from top providers. ZendyHealth features a Pick Your Price™ tool with which account holders can name their price and choose their provider.

WiserHealth is a personalized treatment decision support tool that enables account holders to compare and choose treatments based on their preferences. The tool provides account holders with valuable information on health conditions and treatment options, and helps them determine the best course of action based on their personal needs.

Log in to the portal to access these wellness benefit features.

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