Cash and Savings Balance Accounts

One of the key goals of an HSA is the long-term savings of your money, but you also need to have access to your money when and where you need it. Through National Advisors Trust, your HSA money is maintained in two “liquid” accounts and is readily available if the need arises.

Cash — Your National Advisor’s Trust HSAToday program requires the first $500 of your HSA funds to be maintained in a “Cash” balance account. This serves as the base component of your HSA and is “liquid.” Although the money in the Cash account does not earn any return, amounts deposited beyond the first $500 automatically flow into “Savings,” which earns interest on a daily variable rate as shown in the “Savings Rates” section on the home page.

Savings — The second balance account component offered by National Advisors Trust’s HSAToday program is a “FDIC Insured Savings Account”. This fund is also “liquid,” meaning that your savings balance is accessible whenever you need more money than is currently available from your Cash balance account. Interest earned is as shown in the “Savings Rates” section on the home page. The earnings post to your account monthly.

An added feature of your savings account is the option of using the mySourceCard™ MasterCard® Debit Card. Your card, if made available by your PSP and elected by you, is directly connected to the funds in your savings account. This option makes accessing your HSA funds as easy and convenient as a swipe of the card.

Investments — There is a third, and optional, balance account component of National Advisors Trust’s HSAToday program. Investments, if made available by your PSP, and elected by you, allow you to invest funds into a variety of Mutual Funds. Click here to learn more about the Investment Program option.