Savings and Investments

To help you facilitate and maximize your long-term savings, your HSAToday® funds are placed in one, two, or three types of balance accounts.

1. Cash — The first $500 is placed in a cash account.

2. Savings — This account is held in a FDIC Insured Savings Account and earns interest as shown in the “Savings Rates” section on this page.

3. Investments — If made available by your PSP, and elected by you, investments allow you to invest in a variety of Mutual Funds.

An added feature of your savings account is the option of the mySourceCard® MasterCard® Debit Card. Your card, if made available by your PSP and elected by you, is directly connected to the funds in your savings account. This option makes accessing your HSA funds as easy and convenient as a swipe of the card.

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