Additional Banking Services*

Monthly Investment Option (Investment Threshold is $1000.00)$1.50
Deposit Return unpaid$15.00
Overdraft/NSF per item$22.50
Withdrawal by paper check$3.00
Close Account Fee$25.00
Balance Transfer Fee (Trustee-to-Trustee)$15.00
Stop Payment per item$25.00
Wire Transfer (Individual or Employer)$15.00
Monthly Statement by mail$3.00
Copy of Check, Statement, 1099, 5498$5.00
Corrected IRS Filing Fee (non-banking error)$10.00

Included with your HSAToday Account…

Online Account AccessNo Charge
Online Monthly Savings Statements No Charge
Online Monthly Investment Statements No Charge
Regular Distributions by EFT No Charge
Annual Statement by Mail No Charge
Form 1099-SA & 5498-SA by Mail No Charge

Download printable version of the Earning Rate Schedule and the Additional Banking Services from the HSAToday Account Owner Disclosure document (PDF).

* These are retail rates charged directly to the Individual HSA by the Custodian.